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We provide stress free PayPal payments typically within 24 hours of our users putting content live.

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Our main service is providing content to our users blogs and adding a bonus of paying users for uploading articles.

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We offer speedy online support where you can ask questions and even find out how to get your content added.

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About Guest Post Forum's System

How Do I Use Paid To Post?

We have created a tutorial to help you understand what paid to post is all about and how it works.

How Much Can I Make From Paid To Post?

There is no limit on how much you can make from Paid To Post. As long as you have websites that we can get content on then your earnings are unlimited.

Why Is There A Criteria?

Without a criteria we’d have our content (that we work hard to produce) on just about any website. 

Sites that have no purpose and have been brought to just generate spam and no good (blackhat) links. So, we created the criteria as more of a spam filter is your don’t qualify then you are doing something wrong.

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What Our Users Say

Don't trust what we do? Why not have a look at what some of our users are saying..
Parvesh Bravo

Parvesh Bravo

Internet Research Analyst

"I usually use paid to post in my spare time for content to use on my blogs. I'd recommend using the service as you can get some quality content and get paid."

Daniel Bellamy

Daniel Bellamy

Blogger at TrendsBuzzer.com

"Paid to post sheet is easy to use. All you need to do is to send in your websites for the article and if approved you can post it and get paid instantly."

Lewis Khan

Lewis Khan


"I've been writing content for this company for just under a year and I've never had any issues as far as payments go. I look forward to going full time."

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Changes 09/10/18

We’ve updated the forum and fixed the new post option. New members can now join and post freely. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and we wish you happy, effortless posting from Read more…

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