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Students Entertainment

Go hear real sing. Instead of seeing the latest over-produced, lip-syncing pop star coming through town, go see the same song done by one of your peers at a local “students sing” night.  I’m not talking the lame drunk karaoke stuff (although this too can be fun under the right circumstances), but instead the actual music scene.  Admittedly these types of events can be a little too “hipster” at times, but there is usually someone there to liven up the show, and I’ve always found that the amount of talent on display really surprising.


Join a student group.  I’m not sure why joining a student group gets such a bad rap.  I’ve seen tons of guys who claim the video game group must be full of nerds… and then go home and play video games all night.  I had buddies that joined cheerleading, I had the same immediate reaction most red-blooded males would have, until they pointed out that while I was playing pick-up basketball with a bunch of sweaty dudes, they were catching beautiful women all afternoon.

Look for the cheap! Cheap movie theatre and cheap college essay writing service in your area that gets movies slightly later than the expensive place down the road.  Likely they have a students night where you can get an extra good deal.  As a guy that is forever trying to watch his waistline I try to forgo the snack line, but many of my friends would pull the old sneak it in using the purse or inner pocket routine.  We used to go to the “cheap seats” all the time for about a fifth of what the “good place” cost.