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We created a video demo to show off how easy it is to create a web 2.0 to get a quick link back to your client or personal website. Remember to add content as we only show how to create the 2.0.

Why We Did It?

When we decided back in 2016 to get a website ranking just by using web 2.0’s we didn’t expect the results that we achieved, with around 106 web 2.0’s pointing to one domain with around 4/5 keywords. The website we had been building links for smashed the top 3 results on the first page of Google for “seo london”.

Crazy right. We noticed it hit first place in October 2016 and since stopping 2.0’s we have noticed a rapid fall going from the first page last recorded on May 2017 straight to the third page and dropping by April 2018.

The best way to keep a site ranking is by “feeding” links to the keyword on a regular basis. The only way you will ever remain top position is by having people talk about you website/product.

Why Stop Web 2.0’s?

We stopped 2.0’s purely because we have a much faster guest posting service where we can get better links out with a much better looks and with more credibility to the clients.

Getting to the top is good but if you can’t control the leads or how fast everything comes in then whats the point. Sure we could have sold the leads but where would we be when we need some more clients? “Lets use… Oh wait we sold them.

James Conway

James Conway

I started GPF to help bloggers get their hand on quality and unique content hassle free and get paid for it. I've been in the SEO game for some time and I've not yet failed.

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