Our service has been going for four months now and every month we pay out around 1,200 GBP. We don’t mind paying a small fee for users to get unique, quality and researched content with a link or two in.

The Three Ways Our Service Works

Our service has a three way positivity scheme with no negative sides, other than the occasional miss understanding with over seas users, but this is sorted with patience and good customer service.

1). A Link For Us

First win is we get a link from our users uploading so that in itself is a win on our side. With hundreds of pieces of content produced each month we are able to gather a lot of interest from link builders, but thats not what we want. We turn down every agency that want to use our system as we are way to proud of our users to be giving out junk.

2). Quality Content For Our Users

It’s all good us getting links from our users however, in return we provide 100% unique and informative content that helps with search engines to discover posts.

We provide some users with around 4-5 posts on a daily basis. This means they get around 3,000+ words on their websites/blogs, to us thats progress as if they are growing so are we.

3). Our Users Get Paid To Do Something They Enjoy

We’ve found that if your a blogger then you have the passion to give your knowledge out for no real hard cost so, why not give bloggers our knowledge as it was their own and we pay our users a posting fee.

We put our prices low as we are not looking for people just in the blogging game for the money. We want passionate bloggers wanting information with the mindset of. “If I post this amazing article, not only will it help my blog I’ll get some spending money for posting it.”

Going The Extra Mile

Our users know that we are fair. If we have an article set for 40DA and our user has a DA of 36 but a good looking blog then 9 time out of 10 well allow the user to post the article. This is not just to get a link as we can wait and get another user to take that article. We do this to improve the blog/website, whats the point in having a site if you just leave it empty.

Everyone starts from the bottom when it comes to blogging. Unless you paid for an expired domain. If we can’t help small start up bloggers then who will? We know far to well of the struggle to getting a blog to a point it gets hundreds or even thousands of reads.


Some of our users came to the paid to post service with nothing but the standard wordpress theme and to us that’s just lazy however, in our good nature we decided to help our user by gaining access to the wordpress blog and giving it a little touch up here and there.

Everyone Gets A Chance

Knowing that not everyone can have a blog with the correct domain authority we go the extra mile by giving out content that our users will not be paid for but however, will be given a standard SEO package to increase domain authority.

Our users are usually happy to do this package deal as we also understand that doing SEO for yourself can be a real pain.

This article will be updated throughout the year.

James Conway

James Conway

I started GPF to help bloggers get their hand on quality and unique content hassle free and get paid for it. I've been in the SEO game for some time and I've not yet failed.

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